Water Updates

frozen lake travelIBE Water System upgrade

Water Infrastructure Upgrade

Saturday September 2, 2017 at IBE, in the park @ 10AM.

1. Starting Sept 4

  1. Equipment moving in
  2. Prepping staging area in back field
  3. Road to back field to be improved in order to handle equipment
  4. All road surfaces removed and stock piled

2. Starting Sept 15

  1. Water line replacement commences

3. Curb stops

  1. Every lot gets a new curb stop
  2. Beside driveway or at road side of lot if no driveway
  3. If yours is by house it will be left in place in open position

4. New line and hydrant

  1. Behind lots 5 - 8

5. Replacement of any existing lines from home to curb stop

  1. Replacement will be done after major work completed
  2. May not be necessary – Mackay will advise of any challenges
  3. Only way to get work done quickly and efficiently

6. Roads

  1. Back to original or better condition
  2. Including the garbage area

7. The construction will be done in seven stages

  1. Each zone will take from 2 days to about a week
  2. While construction is occurring in your zone there will be no water available.
  3. Permanent residents will have a temporary water line run to their house.
  4. Schedule will be posted on bulletin board and website
  5. Note: that we anticipate the schedule to be changing ongoing
  6. Note: when Marina road is closed you will not be able to Launch or pull out your boat. (Currently Sept 23 – 26)

8. Ongoing details as to the construction

  1. Will be posted on our website www.indianbeachestates.com, this will be the best reference for up to date activity.
  2. We will also be sending emails as required, however the IBE WW site will always have the most current information.

*Road resurfacing will be completed in the spring due to the early snowfall and inclement weather. A basic road grade will be completed in November to help transition.

Activity Start Date Finish Date Duration
Indian Beach Waterline Replacement 09/04/17 12/09/17 84 days
Mobilize to Site 09/04/17 09/09/17 6 days
Mill Asphalt 09/11/17 09/12/17 2 days
Install New Waterline 09/15/17 11/08/17 47 days
Stage 1 09/15/17 09/25/17 9 days
Stage 2 09/26/17 10/09/17 12 days
Stage 3 10/10/17 10/12/17 3 days
Stage 4 10/13/17 10/21/17 8 days
Stage 5 10/23/17 10/25/17 3 days
Stage 6 10/26/17 11/02/17 7 days
Stage 7 11/03/17 11/08/17 5 days
Install New Services 11/16/17 12/04/17 16 days
Water Testing 11/09/17 11/15/17 6 days
De-mobilize from Site 12/05/17 12/09/17 5 days
Turn Over Documentation 12/05/17 12/06/17 2 days


This schedule is accurate as of Nov 15, 2017. As the project progresses we anticipate the schedule will slowly change depending on how quickly and easily things go. The most current schedule will always be available at Indianbeachestates.com under the operational updates tab.

If an emergency situation comes up, please reach out to Neil Beatty at 403 993-2304.
Thank You

View map of phased upgrade schedule