IBE Rental Policy

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Rentals within Indian Beach Estates (IBE) have generally been fairly uneventful. With most renters being respectful of the community as well as their neighbors. Unfortunately, regularly over the years we have had our exceptions and it is the goal of your board to minimize the nuisance this may create within the community. Many times the exceptions have occurred when properties have been regularly rented out on-line, rented out to large groups or for party houses. (ie. stags etc.)

As everyone should be aware your IBE sublease does not allow for the sub-letting or rental of your premises without first getting the permission of the Sub-Lessor, which is Indian Beach Estates Management Corporation {IBEMC}, as well as the Head Lessor. [Cause 2{g)] To this point in time the board has elected not to enforce this provision of the sublease. The board wants to continue with this approach with all homes being grand fathered
in as it is our intention not to eliminate rentals but rather to ensure they are all kept within the community and family oriented spirit of IBE.

We would also like to point out two other clauses in your sublease:

  • Clause 2{f) specifies that your premises can only be used as "a single family dwelling" and used or occupied by no more than one family or household unit.
  • Clause 2{j) specifies that you will not "allow the demised premises to be used for any purpose which would constitute a nuisance to the Sub-lessor{IBEMC} or to any other Sub-Ieasees or to the owners of adjoining lands or properties.

So, if you rent your premises please be mindful of clause 2{f) when you choose your renters and then ensure that these renters do not abuse either of these clauses during their stay. In renting your premises, it is your responsibility as the property owner to protect the interests of your community and neighbors in accordance with your sublease.

At this time we are asking all owners within IBE to help police the current and ongoing situation. Therefore effective immediately if you feel clause 2{f) or clause 2{j) of the sublease is not being respected by another owner or the renters of another owner then please file a formal complaint by emailing the Resdent Manager with "Rental Complaint" in the subject line. Please detail what you feel is happening. Your complaint will be considered anonymous. Someone from the board will forward the complaint (without your name) to the owner of the property. Please note that only email complaints can be accepted at this time.

If the board gets repeated complaints on a given property then formal written notice will be given to the owner of that property that remedial action must be taken and any further complaint will result in the board removing that owner's right to rent the property.

IBE is our community and it is up to each of us to do his best to minimize disturbing or inconveniencing our neighbors. We kindly thank all IBE Sublease Owners for taking the responsibility to help enforce this rental policy.

The Board of Directors
Indian Beach Community Association