IBE Rules & Regulations

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  1. No motorized vehicle or trailer of any kind shall be parked or left attended at any time on any roadway.
  2. No motorized vehicle shall be operated on the property in such a way as to create excessive noise, or in any other way to cause a nuisance to other residents.
  3. Speed limits within Indian Beach Estates (IBE) are 20 km.
  4. No all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile or any other off-road vehicle shall use IBE for recreational off-loading.
  5. No dogs, cats or other pets are allowed to stray within the property and shall be kept in control at all times by their owners. Please respect the property of other IBE residents. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets. For animals causing a nuisance, contact the local animal control officer @ 347-9793. Note: No livestock such as poultry, cattle or horse shall be kept on the property.
  6. All garbage placed in the Community dumpster must be in tightly closed bags or well secured boxes. If the dumpster is full, phone the Property Contractor/Groundskeeper at 250-341-5939 or by email at Property Contractor/Groundskeeper. Please do not leave the garbage outside the dumpster as it will attract dogs and wildlife.
  7. Please keep off the areas marked "Slope Protection Zone" between the beach and the marina, and the beach and the osprey nest.
  8. No dogs, paddle boats, surfboards etc. are allowed on the swimming beach or within the marked swimming area.
  9. All motorized vehicles must post proper parking identification when parked in the marina or they will be subject to towing. For the complete set of Marina Rules, please refer to the IBE Marina Use Rules. Note: The boat slip sharing program is also available.
  10. All lots and buildings shall be kept properly maintained and neat in appearance. No building or other improvement shall be left uncompleted. Once work has commenced it must be completed within 9 months.
  11. No fireworks are permitted on IBE property at any time.
  12. Fire and Water bans must be stricly adhered to.
  13. The Reserve Lands to the south of IBE are strictly off limits.
  14. All IBE residences must be single family dwellings. All buildings must conform to the standards of construction as set out by the Provincial or Municipal building bylaws and comply with restrictions set out in the Head Lease and Sub Lease. All buildings and major renovations must be approved by the IBE Board of Directors. Please allow adequate time for approval, due to the Board's meeting schedule.
  15. Please respect others when playing stereos and having outdoor parties. Keep noise levels down after 11:00 pm.