IBE FireSmart Program - 2021

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IBE FireSmart ‘Work-bee’ Message

Fall ‘Work-bee’ Clean-up

The Fall IBE FireSmart (FS) ‘Work-bee’ on September 25th was another tremendous success.

A big ‘Thanks’ goes out to the incredible team of 18 volunteers who showed up to chainsaw, chop and rake up branches and debris from the remaining areas around the playground and tennis courts. The material cleared out filled 12 trailer loads that were taken to the Windemere landfill.

The transformation of the park area is incredible as it provides a safer area from a fire risk perspective and a security issue with better sight lines, a healthier environment, and a more attractive family atmosphere.

The inaugural year of the IBE FireSmart Program has been an incredible one with two successful ‘Work-bees’ with 33 volunteers contributing 102 hours to improve the safety and ambiance of our park land.

Moving forward, the IBE FS Committee is working off the success of this year and is planning to initiate a larger format spring and fall ‘Work-bee’ in 2022 that will promote stronger community involvement.

The goal of the Work-bee is to:

  • Reduce the fire load in a high-risk area,
  • Encourage a healthier forest,
  • Provide a more esthetically pleasing landscape,
  • Provide a good visual example of a FireSmart forest for all residents.

The FS Committee remains committed to supporting residents with the resources needed to minimize fire risk. We can all make safe choices that will help protect our homes from wildfire.

Additional information

Please go to the FireSmart Canada web site www.firesmartcanada.ca or ask any member of the IBE FS Committee.

Fireworks are always prohibited in IBE including the beach area.

Photos from the ‘Work-bee’