IBE "No Trespass" Policy

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In response to the security and trespass concerns expressed by many of our members over the past number of years, a strict "No Trespass" policy has been implemented. The Board has hired security to ensure the "No Trespass" rule is being enforced.

In an effort to control the trespass situation, a vehicle identification system has been re-implemented and will be strictly enforced by the Property Contractor/Groundskeeper. Each household has received (2) new numbered member vehicle identification tags. The tags are to be displayed at all times on any vehicle using a roadway or common parking area within IBE. Any vehicle found on a roadway or common parking area not displaying the vehicle tag will be subject to being towed. Vehicles parked in private driveways off the common roadways or parking areas will not be subject to towing as it is expected that the vehicle is parked there with the knowledge and consent of the resident. If the vehicle were trespassing, the resident should notify the Property Contractor/Groundskeeper and he will take the appropriate action.

It is important that all IBE residents endure that they inform their guests and or renters of the new policy, as it is the responsibility of the residents to ensure that only trespass vehicles are removed from the property.

There will be a number of "Private Property, No Trespassing" signs at various locations throughout IBE. These locations will include the front entrance, beach area, upper and lower parking lots and the tennis courts. The assistance of all IBE residents is requested to enforce the "No Trespass" policy by notifying the Property Contractor/Groundskeeper of suspected trespass situations for both people and vehicles, for his handling.

The Property Contractor/Groundskeeper will be personally notifying local residents within close proximity to IBE of the new "No Trespass" enforcement. Any individual no in the company of an IBE resident in the beach area or playground and tennis court area will be considered a trespasser and subject to removal from the property.

Although the "no tolerance" policy may seem hash, it is important that the residents of IBE send a clear message regarding its "No Trespass" rule as it will not be respected unless it is enforced. The membership of IBE bares a significant financial burden for the development and maintenance of the facilities that are intended for the exclusive use of the members and their guests. The support of all residents of IBE is essential if we are to gain the respect of the community in this endeavor.

By Order of the Board of Directors