Storage Area

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Indian Beach Estates Management Corporation (IBEMC) January 2014

Storage - Marina

At the marina IBE has made available a limited number of racks intended for the storage of canoes, kayaks, small sail boats, paddle boats, wind surfers etc. All items must be clearly labeled or tagged with owner(s) name and/or lot number.

When utilizing these racks for storage, owner(s) assume full responsibility and liability for their belongings, and hold IBE and IBEMC and its members absolutely harmless for any loss or damage. Storage space is limited so please limit the number of items being stored to no more than (2) two. Any additional items will require approval from the Property Contractor/Groundskeeper.

While year round storage is permitted, all derelict items will be subject to removal and possible disposal.

Thank you for your co-operation

Storage - IBE Commercial Lot

The area adjacent the quonset hut and garbage binds near the entrance to IBE has been designated a storage site available to IBE residents only. Personal property to be stored there is done so on a temporary or seasonal basis only. (eg. winter storage; Sept-Jun, summer storage; Jun-Sept). No permanent storage will be allowed. The site is not large enough to accommodate everyone's needs so those interested in utilizing this space will be limited to storing one (1) item per lot.

The following items acceptable for storage are: ALL water craft and associated trailers including utility trailers. NO vehicles, SUV's, RV's, camper vans, household goods/appliances, construction material or all other miscellaneous items will be allowed. Any exceptions will be left to the discretion of the Property Contractor/Groundskeeper. Lot owners who are currently storing more than one item or who are storing items that are not allowed are asked to remove them immediately.

IBEMC requires that all stored personal property be clearly labeled and tagged with your name and lot. (Please only one item allowed per lot). By placing an item in the storage area the owner(s) assume full responsibility and liability for their property, and will hold IBE and IBEMC and its members absolutely harmless for any loss or damage. Those utilizing this area are also responsible for keeping their storage site clean and clutter free.

Please be advised that those utilizing this area for storage have until the end June 2014 to properly tag their one item and have removed all others as requested. Regarding items that have not been tagged and left derelict by their owners will be removed from this site and if deemed necessary transported to the municipal dump for disposal by IBEMC without recourse.

Thank you for your co-operation